Introducing Canute:
Multiline digital Braille for the price of an iPad

[Photo: image of the Canute Mk8, a 32-cell by 8-line prototype from March 2016

“It's something phenomenal. I'm already in love with this, and I'm not really a Braille person. I gave up Braille many years ago but this would definitely intrigue me... I'm completely blown away by this.”

Andre Louis

Canute will help reverse the decline in Braille literacy by bringing digital Braille within financial reach of the average user for the first time.

Why Canute?

Why Bristol Braille?

Why do we need to act now?

“Braille is on the verge of a global catastrophe ... My broad, conceptual proposal for saving Braille is to democratize it, to take Braille out of the hands of professionals and put it into the hands of the people ... Slash the cost of refreshable Braille.”

The Democratisation of Braille, Kevin Carey, Chairman,
The Royal National Institute of Blind People

What still needs to be done?