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Quixote, Midas & assorted addendum


Midas was an entirely new type of Braille product which was developed by Bristol Braille Technology and Babel Technology CIC from 2013–2015. My mid-2015 we elected contrentrate our resources by putting the project on hold until Canute had been completed.


The Quixote was a single line project to compete with current Braille displays. It used a parallel slider-encoder mechanism to set Braille pins in either six or eight dot format with a series of ridged sliders.

In late 2012 development of the concept described in this video (with descriptive voiceover) was taken over by a third party. Since then it has been discontinued while BBT has moved on from active development of Quixote in order to prioritise the superior and multiline Canute.

There is a discussion of the video on our old forums.

Old forums

Before the foundation of the Braillists, through which we now conduct all our online discussions, Bristol Braille kept its own haphazardly maintained forums. These are still online, although now they are only used to post news items. Visit the old forums here.


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