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Bristolian Braille-enthusiasts

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Bristol Braille is a tight knit team which, along with our many partners like the Braillists Foundation, has dedicated eight years to making Canute.

Our team

Bristol Braille Technology is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to serving blind communities through invention and the provision of Braille devices.

Affordable Braille is essential for blind literacy, education and employment, yet Braille use has been declining for decades, due in no small part to stagnant technology.

We’ve been building the Canute for six years. Some of the team are engineers, others specialise in supporting accessible products. All of us are here to develop radical technological solutions to the promotion of Braille.

See our previous team members.

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Its a shared effort: Canute 360 is made partnership with many excellent and committed suppliers, testers, funders and community groups.

Canute is Open Source

The Canute 360 user interface is available to the community on Github. It is built in Python and can be modified by a user and uploaded to a Canute to enhance, expand or entirely alter its functionality.

In a pre-pandemic world we would also hold regular public meetings explaining Canute’s electro-mechanical design. These were held at local Braillists groups, membership of which is open to everyone with an interest in Braille. Please sign up to the Braillists Foundation newsletter to hear about when these meetings can restart.

Our partners and backers

See a list of Braille organisations who we work with.

See a list of our suppliers.

See a list of our funders.