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Alt: A photo of Canute trial with QTVIs.

Alt: A photo of Canute at a stand in Sight Village.

Alt: A photo of circle of people in a Braillists meeting.

Alt: A photo of the NFB General Assembly.

Alt: A photo of three people simultaneously reading the same Canute on a stand at a show.

Alt: A photo of of old friends, meeting for the first time, with a Canute prototype in front of them.

Alt: A photo of Canute at a stand in Sight Village.

Feel it to believe it: Every year Bristol Braille attends shows, runs pilot programmes in schools and arranges testing sessions with community groups all around the globe.

Events, demos and communities

Please note: all meetings in person are postponed for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can find the Bristol Braille team attending the following annual and bi-annual events with Canute 360s. If you intend to go yourself please email us in advance to arrange a one-to-one demonstration.

We also attend a number of other one-off conferences and shows all around the world. Contact us to check if we will be near you any time soon.

The Braillists Foundation

We are active members of a 550-strong community of Braille readers called the Braillists Foundation. They have helped design and test the Canute since 2014. Its great company to keep if you like discussing the latest Braille technology. You can find members of the Bristol Braille team in the following Braillists groups:

Alt: A street map of Bedminster, Bristol.

Alt: A street map of Bristol.

Alt: A street map of the Westcountry of England and South Wales.

Alt: A map of Southern UK and Ireland, of Northern France, and of the Benelux countries.

Alt: A map of Europe.

Alt: A map of the world.

Welcome to the Westcountry!

Contact the team

When the lock-down is over, why not get in contact to visit us at our workshop? We’ll show you around, and maybe share some implausible ideas over a pint of scrumpy in the local.