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We welcome expressions of interest from testers, potential customers, well-wishers and those interested in joining the development process.

We are currently looking for a variety of individuals who would be interested in testing our prototypes; most particularly Braillists of course, but also teachers and parents of would-be Braillists. Please do get in touch if this is could be you.

If would like to help us throw open the world of Braille literacy to people who would otherwise have to remain permanently outside it, then we are very grateful for all donations received at Bristol Braille. All donations will go towards the Canute project unless specified otherwise; we can alternately take donations specifically to sustain the Braillists usergroup.

Thank you to all our sponsors to date (see a list of sponsors and other partners on the about page), including Raymond Drewry, Chris Marshall and Tore Johnny Bråtveit, who have made large individual donations towards the Canute project.

We can accept Paypal donations in any currency to (see above) or cheques made out in Sterling to Bristol Braille Technology CIC. We are happy to send out literature further describing our projects, or to answer specific questions in private prior to a donation.