Why is Braille Important?

According to Dave Williams, from the Braillists;

We recorded a short audio package about what braille means to people:

Major blindness organizations around the world, (RNIB, AFB…) link braille literacy with the employ ability of blind people. Anecdotally it appears that blind people with braille skills tend to be more likely to be in jobs. Certainly many high profile blind people: White, Blunkett, O’Donoghue, Wonder et al have stated braille has been key in their success.

Spelling, punctuation, layout are all reinforced when you have braille as well as speech access to content.

Braille in meetings and presentations means ears can be freed to focus entirely on colleagues or customers.

Practical use cases include: labeling medication, exchanging greetings cards, finding a particular hotel room, playing cards and board games with sighted family, etc.

Learning braille can be made easier by:

— Dave Williams